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Poster: Monte B Cowboy Date: Jun 2, 2014 1:18pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: dusborne hijack for new matrix format

Hey man, take your time if you do this project. I really appreciate it, thank you for checking this out. Good luck!

If I'm not mistaken, my AUD of PITB from June 9 probably has an accidental "cut" around 9:30 or so. If it does, there will be a seamless "accidental pause/unpause" cut of unknown length - probably a few seconds or so long. Matt's tape deck speed and my tape deck speed are different, so I'm not sure of the new timings. The boys played an up-tempo and jazzed-out PITB that lasted more than 22 minutes. Their jam is so damned intense and fast, you might get lost when matrixing yourself through my AUD's flaw (if it exists), and matching sources back up after the cut. You may have to work forwards to the cut, and backwards - from the end - back to the cut, to matrix this PITB track entirely. I apologize if this track "seamlessly cuts in/out" somewhere due to an operator-error of mine. My tape deck's pause switch was a wee-bit "hair-triggered" and I accidentally paused it once or twice while I was taping these two shows. I was tripping on two doses of acid both days, and I smoked a lot of hash. Shit happens, sorry about that. Previously noted, there were several tape splices and other cuts due to tape damage, but that's all easy to fix stuff you've seen a zillion times.

I would like to take an extra moment and explain one more thing about my GD tapes from '73: they never sounded this good to me until I met Bob Menke at LL. My Roosevelt Stadium transfer mistakes were discussed, and that's when I met Matt Smith (and others) and he transferred all my GD cassettes for me. Now my tapes are extremely crystal-clear, and they sound much better than I've ever heard before! People think this is normal. It's not! It's very exceptional, and now it's exotic, especially all these years later. We never routinely did any of this shit 40 years ago! We only did shit like this in The Studio! People in the studio only deal with "studio quality" tapes. This is normal.

Trust me on this: in 1972 and 1973, me and Jimmy Watson and my other friends who dealt with tapes - we were not purchasing expensive and exotic equipment to attain these phenomenal playbacks. We just recorded and played back our tapes the same way we played our albums; nothing more, nothing less. We were just "normal" audiophiles (like everyone else) with decent turntables, tape decks, pre-amps, amps and speakers. And we would change out and upgrade audio components from time to time.

I'm just a normal freak. I taped a bunch of live music on cassettes, and I recorded some albums on cassettes. I dumped my albums in the mid-70s. Where I'm different is that I moved around a lot over the years and I've called myself a trail-grub, and, I'm an outdoors-loving freak. But, that's how I got out of New Jersey, where people love being indoors most of the time. Now I live in Colorado, where people love being outdoors most of the time. I first moved here in 1979. Pretty much: I've never owned "lots of" expensive stuff except for a good bicycle, good backpacking gear, and good outdoors clothing. Frugality is what sustained my mobility, by necessity. I've barely settled down, my jobs have been outsourced my entire electronics career, and I've been anti-establishment all my life. I've always had a decent tape recorder, but my portable Nak 550 is forty-one years old. My tapes always sounded the same to me, until I met Matt Smith. One of these days he'll get around to transferring the live shows I taped on 27 cassette masters which I sent to him. Thank You, Matt!

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